Implant Dentistry

I have been very fortunate to learn Implant Dentistry from one of the greatest implant minds of all time. Dr Carl Misch was one of the most well-respected implant practitioners, researcher, educators and a true giant of our profession. His tremendous contribution to our profession will live on forever.

Through my early years in Implant Dentistry and through my journey to a Fellowship at The Misch Implant Institute he taught me that no matter what your dental background is, one MUST be familiar with both the surgical and the prosthodontic principles that direct and drive successful Implant Dentistry.

In 1982, when the first endosteal implant systems were introduced by Branemark, the only dentists permitted to perform these surgeries were Oral Surgeons. In todays world dental Implants are the standard of care for single tooth loss, partially and fully edentulous patient. Innovations in Implant designs, instrumentation and technology has progressed dramatically since then, and more and more dentist, specialist or GP’s, are now educating themselves to perform these treatment modalities.

Dental patients are the major recipients of benefits of these innovations be it for a single tooth implant or complex bone augmentation with multiple implant positions. As a clinician it is important to remain focused on and recognizing that various clinical situations present with different levels of difficulties and different degrees of risk for esthetics, restorative and surgical complications.

Most of today’s Implant Training programs will teach you diagnostics, treatment planning and guidelines for surgical and prosthetic treatment modalities. However, one area where I (as a “newbie”) felt I lacked support was in direct chair side mentoring. Having someone by my side as I came back to my practice treatment planning and performing implant surgeries. I am offering you an opportunity to have that support. From treatment planning to chair-side execution, I am here to mentor and help you through your first few surgeries and give you the confidence you need to achieve predictable Dental Implant Treatment success and provide the best possible patient care.